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Simple Private Funerals to Civic Funerals

At Green’s Funeral Services we have a wealth of experience at arranging all manner of funerals from the most simple private funerals to civic funerals with over 1000 mourners attending.

No two funerals are ever the same and  although we are here to support you through the process it is not our decision what funeral should take place.  We therefore take all the time we need before choosing what services you may require and we never rush you into a decision.

Green’s Funeral Services can make funeral arrangements for any family regardless of location, religion or budget but commonly we will arrange the following services;


Cremation is the most common type of funeral service with around 70% of our services being cremations.  There are three crematoria in our area all of which have chapel facilities meaning that both the service and cremation take place on the same site.  Cremation therefore tends to provide a sensible and cost effective option for a funeral.


The traditional burial is still common-place in our area and usually follows a church service. Every local authority has an obligation to provide a suitable place for burial within their locality so burial is always possible but the cost and availability of graves can vary widely.

Non religious services

Over the last 20 years Green’s Funeral Services have seen a large increase in the number of families asking us for a non-religious service. We are now fully able to offer these services in a variety of locations and with a strong network of celebrants (the equivalent to a Vicar or Minister) able to lead the service on your behalf. 

Burial of ashes

It is common for families to come to us with ashes from a funeral out of the area or families who held ashes until they were sure what to do with them. We frequently make arrangements for the burial or scattering of ashes.

Funerals for religions other than Christian

Green’s Funeral Services embrace our whole community regardless of race or religion. We pride ourselves on our ability, skill and knowledge in making arrangements for funerals of any religion. Whilst we may not be part of your religion part of our ‘Green’s Promise’ is to respect every religion.


Green’s Funeral Services has access to the most up to date printing systems and can easily and cost-effectively print your funeral orders of service.  It usually is advisable for the funeral director to print the orders of service rather than a third party as our staff will be fully briefed and up to date on all the funeral arrangements and if necessary we can print orders of service at the last minute.

Stonemasonry, memorials and keepsakes

After a funeral your family member may have gone but they will not be forgotten. Green’s Funeral Services offer a full range of Stonemasonry memorials, plaques, benches, ornaments and keepsakes which will forever remind you of our loved one.  


We have built up good working relationships with local caterers and can advise and arrange catering to suit many venues and budgets.

Death notices and obituaries

We will help you to prepare a suitable death notice and obituary and publish in a timely manner.

In addition to the above Green’s Funeral Services are also trained and
prepared to offer many other services including:

International Repatriation - The returning or receiving of a body from another country.

Out of area funerals - Funerals taking place a long distance from Oxfordshire.

Exhumation - (also known as reburial) The process of moving a body or ashes from their original resting place.

Burial at sea

Horse drawn funerals - Where a traditional horse drawn hearse is provided for the funeral

(see our gallery)

Direct cremations (where the family are not present or the deceased has no family)

DWP funeral - A funeral arranged at the request of the Department of Work and Pensions.

Green and ‘Eco’ funerals - In our changing world the issue of the environment has become more important to many families and therefore funeral practices are evolving in keeping with these changes. We can provide a range of options designed to minimise the impact of the funeral on the environment.

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