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We Understand the Needs of Each Family

Quality and Value

Sadly, it is a reality that funerals do cost money…however unfair that might seem. At Green’s Funeral Services we make every effort to understand the needs of each family we work with and provide a service which gives both quality and value.  We are very happy to tailor each and every funeral to your needs and budget.

Whilst we do have a price list which is available upon request the following is a guide of likely funeral costs;

Traditional Funeral Costs

A traditional funeral is likely to cost £3,500-£4,000 when all factors are taken into consideration including third party costs*.

Green’s Funeral Services also offer a ‘Simplicity’ funeral which starts at £1800 plus third party costs* however we should stress that the simplicity funeral offers limited services and would not be suitable for all our families. 

Occasionally families simply require a ‘direct cremation’ where no service takes place but we arrange for the cremation of the deceased with no ceremony at all. For this service the cost will be less than our simplicity service because we are providing less of our time and services.

*Third party costs (also called disbursements) apply to all the fees payable to the third parties involved in the funeral and these are usually £700 - £1200. These often include the crematorium, the minister, the preparation of the certificates, burial fees, gravedigger, newspapers etc. Whilst these can be paid directly if you prefer we usually place the third party costs on our funeral account to make life easier for our families.       

Our code of practice requires us to give you a full and detailed estimate of funeral expenses as soon as possible before the funeral. You will therefore have written confirmation of the cost of the funeral before committing to using our services.


It is Green’s Funeral Services company policy to ask for a 50% deposit before the funeral. As nearly 50% of the funeral costs are paid out by Green’s Funeral Services before the day of the funeral it seems appropriate to ask for this deposit. Standard terms allow 30 days from the date of the funeral for settlement of the balance.

Whilst it is our company policy to ask for a deposit we are aware that for some families this may not be either practical or possible. We are able to make exceptions to this policy with confirmation from a solicitor, bank or other financial institution that payment will follow in due course.

Financial Difficulties

Sadly, some families find themselves unable to settle the costs of a funeral and we welcome the opportunity to discuss options with you. We have various methods of funding funerals including the Department of Work and Pensions, private providers, loans and charities. It is our company policy to never turn a family away based on their inability to pay for a funeral. Our trained and expert staff will be able to work with you towards settlement of the funeral account.

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